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Torque Release Technique

Extremely Effective, Low Force Chiropractic

Torque Release Technique is a heavily researched, extremely gentle Chiropractic technique. It uses the Intergrator, the only FDA approved instrument for correcting vertebral subluxation. Experience amazing results and change your life today!


Network Spinal Care

Enhance Joy, Better Adapt to Stress

Network Spinal care is an incredibly low force technique designed to remove subluxation while upgrading your nervous system. Patients experience life-changing physical and emotional developments under this care, including better sleep, better ability to deal with stress, improved energy levels, improved function, more emotional connections, and overall improved well-being.


Somato-Respiratory Integration (SRI)

Improve Connection

Somato Respiratory Integration (SRI) teaches you how to access your inner resources of connection and ease while bringing them to areas of tension, symptoms, or disconnection. These simple exercises utilize your focused attention on touch, breath, energy, and movement.

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